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Trent grew up in New Orleans.  His vast experiences led him to Fayetteville, AR where he calls home.  Trent is an entrepreneur and industrial design consultant of HSI, Inc.  His career has also allowed him to take on many other hobbies/activities that he thoroughly enjoys and he has a wonderful family who supports him.


Over the last decade, Trent has studied disciplines in Martial Arts under SiFu Marc McFann.  During this time, he not only learned technical self-defense and CQB skills, but he also built a life-long relationship with a mentor and friend.


Hurricane Katrina hit Trent's hometown and he didn't hesitate to go and help his mother and whoever needed him.  this inspired him to join SheepDog Impact Assistance in 2011.  SheepDog IA is a non-profit organization that assists military men and women and their families.  He has assisted in deployments helping the tornado victims of Joplin MO, Moore OK and Mayflower AR.


Trent's shooting interests started with hunting trips with his late uncle when he was 12.  As an adult, he has maintained his CCW.

- CEET courses in Advances Combat Pistol I & II - Patrol Rifle and Pistol




He enjoys all aspects of long range shooting and being able to help course participants with his knowledge.


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