DR Long Range Concepts offers several long range shooting courses.  To read the full description: click on tabs above.


The courses we offer are:

Intro to Long Range/Long Range Hunter     $550

Long Range Precision Rifle I (LRPR I)           $650

Long Range Precision Rifle II (LRPR II)       $700

Long Range Precision Rifle III (LRPR III)   $700

Designated Marksman Carbine                        $250

     **LRPR I and II are prerequisite**


All courses are held at our private leased property based out of Seneca, MO.  We never stay at one range too long.  During your class we will move to a minimum of 5 ranges.

There are so many aspects of long range shooting that are important and we spend time on each one for the full success of your shooting.



We offer Rifle rental @ $100.00 per day

If you have any questions we are always available to answer them, see contact information.


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