Course Cost $550

This Course is  commonly used as an Introductory to Long Range Precision Course I but is not required for LRPR I.  There is a natural progression from one Course to the next.  Hunters that want to understand their equipment and shooting limits before the hunt than this course is designed with you in mind.


Familiarization to:

 Fundamentals / Wind / Weather / BDC Reticles or Mil Reticle

- Intro/Safety Briefing​
- Zero Rifles
- Known Distance Range 100 - 800 yards
- Calling the wind, Hold-offs 
- Practical shooting positions in the field- Familiarization 


Hunting scenarios


- Cold Bore Scenario 
- Known Distance 100- 800 Yards
- Various locations, using all concepts previously learned, using equipment you could be hunting with.


 Please come with rifles zeroed at 100 yards.

Gain the Confidence before the Hunt of a Lifetime !!

If your hesitant to get started in Long range shooting, this is the Course for you.  It's a great familiarization course to lay the base foundation needed to consistently & confidently identify and engage your target at distances 900 yds & under (dependant upon rifle, optics & ammunition).   Just do it, you won't regret it.

We encourage a BDC reticle or tactical scope for this Course, although we can teach you how to get the most out of your duplex reticle as well.  We will also discuss the difference of first focal plane & second focal plane scopes - and how they can effect point of impact. 

  We will discuss the "Ethical" distance limitation of your rifle, ammo, equipment & yourself before you go hunting.

***A full payment or 50% deposit is required to secure a spot in all of our classes. Classes fill up quickly.  When making a deposit, the remainder  balance is due before the class start date. Class registration is in the store.***