Course Cost $700

This course is designed as a back country long range hunting class.  Students will pack in all required gear on day one, set up class base camp and enhance the camp with teamwork daily.  Students will carry equipment they may need for the hunt, carry water filtration systems, food as they move daily.  This class is on foot with realistic hikes to glass for targets, target detection/ID and then engage targets using practical shooting positions.  Quality footwear, clothing and wet weather gear is essential.

Station training sessions between target locations will include:  wilderness first aid, practical fire starting, water filtration methods, essential knots, basics of land navigation (map and compass), plus more!

All scenarios will be realistic hunting based stages.  Tripods/lite weight mini game changer bag/ hog saddle, natural supports, backpacks, etc will be used during the shooting. 

Course Prerequisite:

LRPR II (Invitation to proceed to LRPR III)

Physical preparation is very important for this type of course, get out and hike, work your backpack weight up to 30lbs as you prepare for this course.