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Served 20 Outstanding Years in the USAF & ANG, his final years were as a Security Forces Flight Chief & Senior Sniper Instructor / Program Manager/NCOIC USAF CPEC/ADMC Sniper School.   

A few of Ron's most recent Accomplishments: 

- "Governors Twenty" Award "Combat Rifle" - Multiple Years
- "Governors Twenty" Award "Sniper"
- 1st Place Overall TAG Aggregate State Sniper "Team" (2005)
- 1st Place State TAG Overall Individual Rifle Open (2010)
- 2nd Place State TAG Individual Overall Sniper (2010)
- 1st Place State TAG Champion Combat Rifle "Team" (2010)
- 1st Place Individual Rifle EIC Winston P. Wilson- Nov- (2010)
- 3rd Place Individual Overall Rifle W. P. Wilson -   Nov- (2010)
- USAF Sniper School Graduate
- USAF Sniper School Instructor
- Badlands Tactical Long Range Rifle Course  
- Professional Marksmen PM 1000 LR Rifle Course, Nm. 
- USAF Sniper Team Leader - FOB Warrior, Iraq (2007)

Ron's passion to teach Long Range Rifle is far reaching with his unique mindset !  He continues to be a life long learner who believes in training to the outer boundaries - striving to broaden the scope of his limitations. 
Although Ron has enjoyed competition in the past, he has devoted his focus on training others to perform at their maximum potential.   Ron is extremely "grateful" of the instruction that he has received over the years by some of the Best in the Business, his Goal in life now is to pay it forward.  Ron absolutely loves teaching Long Range Rifle to good quality "responsible" individuals, especially our Law Enforcement/Military who need it most. He also loves spending time with his wife & children teaching them to take it to the next level with Long Range shooting & spotting.  Ron is an avid Large Game Hunter.  Ron and his wife Denise are Certified Rifle, Pistol, Archery & Shotgun Instructors for Youth Shooting Sports,  Volunteering to secure a future for Shooting Sports & responsible firearm ownership.    

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