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Brian & Ron served together as a Counter-Sniper Team in FOB Warrior, Iraq during The Surge of 2007.  They won the Arkansas State Sniper Competition as a Team.  They also served together as Instructors at the USAF Sniper School.  
Brian has been a student, competitor, and instructor of long range shooting since 2003. He is currently employed by G4S as a contractor Instructor to the Department of Energy. He is a sniper and small unit tactics instructor. Brian is also currently a Master Sergeant in the Arkansas Air National Guard, where he serves as a Squad Leader and Defensive Tactics Instructor.

Brian began learning the art of the Precision rifle in January of 2003 when he attended the United States Air Force Sniper School. A few months after his graduation date Brian requested to return to the Sniper School as an assistant, so he could continue to learn from the instructors. Within a few classes Brian was given the opportunity to become a full time instructor and became a mainstay at the School House until March of 2005.

On March 14, 2005, Brian began his career with the Fayetteville, Arkansas, Police Department. In 2006, Brian was selected to be a member of the Emergency Response Team, where he would work as an Entry team member, Sniper and firearms instructor. In 2007, Brian had the great opportunity to deploy to Iraq with Ron (Msgt White) as part of a Sniper Team. This was both a rewarding and humbling experience; getting to work with some of the bravest men and women in our great nation. In November of 2010, Brian left the Police Department for his current; more promising career with the Federal Government.

Brian has competed in combat rifle, pistol and sniper competitions at the State, Regional, National, and International levels. He has competed against and beat some of the best shooters in the nation.

A few of Brian’s accomplishments and awards include:

1st Place Overall State Champion - 2013 Ar. Nat.​ Guard Championships.  1st Individual Rifle , 1st Ind. Pistol. 2013
1st Place-Chief of the National Guard National Championships 2011
2nd Place Overall 2009 Arkansas National Guard State Matches
1st Place rifle team 2009
1st Place pistol team 2009
1st Place rifle team 2008
1st Place pistol team 2008
1st Place team Sniper Team Arkansas TAG Match 2005
5th Place Team International Sniper Competition 2004
4th Place Team International Sniper Competition 2003

USAF Sniper School 2003
USAF Raven School 2003
Olive Security Hostage Rescue
Little Rock Police Dept. basic Sniper
Department of Energy Advanced Firearms Instructor
Special Response Force Basic
Army Marksmanship Unit wind calling course
Accuracy First Long Range shooting and ballistics Instructor Course


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