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DRLRC Instructors are Respectful, High-Integrity, Patient Professionals that are excited to teach what they love. We pride ourselves in the ability to break down otherwise difficult topics to many levels of shooters. Your success is our Goal.
We have a passion for teaching the concepts of Long Range rifle shooting !  We have taken everything we have learned in all of our applications and compressed it for our Courses. 
There is nothing more satisfying than witnessing it all coming together for our course participants.  We want to share what we have learned over the years to good quality people.  
Introduce Youth to Long Range, we have had 12-18 year old shooters in our training on occasions.  They always do very well.

Our goal is to provide quality training to RESPONSIBLE U.S. Citizens, Military & Law Enforcement for a reasonable price & add exceptional results. 
We absolutely see the pressing need to help Law Enforcement & Military with their Long Range Rifle training & sustainment training programs.  There is NO greater Honor and Privilege than to continue to "Serve" in this role !

  Our Instructors have vast experience ranging from Long Range Rifle Schools, Sniper Competitions, State, Regional, National & International Competitions, Senior Sniper School Instructor background, Sniper Team Employment, S.W.A.T. Sniper Employment & Large Game Long Range Hunting.   D.R. LRC Instructors are always learning and challenging themselves, searching for perfection and are passionate to pay it forward.   
With the feedback from every class, we take the time to analyze our instruction and value the opinions of every student.  When great suggestions arise, we alter our teaching to better all future classes.  Constant training whether personal growth or field training this is what we strive for on  a constant basis.

​   ** Learn the limitations of your ammunition, rifle, optic and of yourself.  Take it to the limits** 

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