Long Range Precision Rifle II & III



- Ground Pad if desired
- Large & Small pocket notepad for Data Collection​
- Sand sock/Rear bag (supports buttstock) 
-Padded Drag bag or padded rifle case 
-Pens, Pencils & note taking material

-Inclement (COLD/RAIN) weather gear 
-Spotting Scope (at least 25x+ optic), with tripod​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

-Eye/Ear Protection 

-Backpack w/h camelback 100oz./Canteen, ABLE to carry your  equipment while on the move.

-Solar calculator

-Tripod w/ Hog or Pig Saddle rifle craddle

-Sling w/ carabiner - We Recommend & carry the Hog Saddle SS  Loophole Sling- Let us know well in advance and we will have it  here waiting for you.

Rifle Set-up
-Rifle caliber sufficient for LR application ( 1 MOA  accuracy or    better recommended)
-Rifle Scope (At Least 10x)
-Rifle scope with sufficient MOA/MIL adjustments for Elevation      (20 moa base recommended) 
-Swivel Bipod for Rifle platform

-300 rounds of match grade ammunition (BTHP) recommended.

-Bottled water and snacks 

-Camera - Great photo opportunities 
-Sunscreen, hat, Bug/Tick spray

-Comfortable heavy material clothing recommended.

-Comfortable hiking shoes/boots